Koret Children's Quarters



The Koret Children's Quarters is located in San Francisco's beautiful Golden Gate Park. It is across the street from the Bowling Green yards. The playground is very large and often very crowded (especially on the weekends). It's a big playground and therefore a little more difficult to keep up with the kiddos if you are by yourself. The playground has an ocean theme with large waves to climb and sea life statues. The most unique feature about this playground is the concrete slide. Next to the playground is a beautiful carousel. The cost of the carousel rides is very low. This is a great park for an inexpensive weekend getaway with your family.

-- 320 Bowling Green Drive  San Francisco, CA 94199  (Golden Gate Park)


(5 out of 5 stars)

July 2010

Koret Children's Quarters


  •  There are two playground structures.  One is for larger kids and the other one is for smaller kids.  They are located in the same area.  
  • Playground Equipment
    • Small Platforms
    • Ladders
    • Climbing Apparatus
    • Sand Box
    • Rope Bridge
    • Tunnel
    • Marble Game
    • 2 Small Straight Plastic Slides
    • 2 Medium Plastic Slides with a Slight Twist
    • 1 Small Tunnel Plastic Slide
    • 1 Medium Twisty Plastic Slide
    • 2 Small Houses with Benches
    • 2 Spinning Cups
    • 2 Moving Cat Tail Poles
  • Playground Construction
    • Plastic & Metal Equipment
    • Placed on Rubber & Sand
  • Shade Level
    • There is no shade over the playground
  • Seating
    • 2 Benches
    • 5 Concrete Blocks
    • Small Wall
Tunnel Slide
Koret Children's Quarters Toddler Playground

Koret Children's Quarters Toddler Playground

Spinning Cup


  •  The older kids playground is located right next to the toddler playground and the concrete slide.
  • Playground Equipment
    • Platforms
    • Rope Ladder
    • Twisted Ladder
    • Climbing Apparatus
    • Sand Box
    • Sliding bar -- with a slight arch for faster movement!!!
    • Monkey Bars
    • Circular Monkey Bars
    • Bridge
    • Spinning Pole
    • 1 Large Twisty Plastic Slide
    • 2 Large Plastic Slides with a slight twist
    • Giant Rope Climbing Structure
      • Ropes hang from it to swing on
      • A rope bridge leads to it from the playground structure
    • Playground Construction
      • Plastic & Metal Equipment
      • Placed on Rubber & Sand
    • Shade Level
      • There is no shade over the playground
    • Seating
      • 2 Benches
      • 5 Concrete Blocks
      • Small Wall
View of Koret Children's Quarters
Koret Children's Quarters Big Kids Playground

Koret Children's Quarters Big Kids Playground

Climbing STructure


  •  There are other unique features about this playground that made it very fun!
  • Concrete Slide
    • The concrete slide is a large slide built into the side of a hill.  You sit on cardboard to slide down it.  The kids throw sand on the slide first for a slicker, faster ride.  Get in line, because this is the main attraction at this playground, and it's usually crowded.
  • Carousel
    • A beautiful carousel built in 1912.  The price was $2.00 per ride.  Young children (ages 4 & under) can ride free with a paying adult.  
  • Wave
    • There are two giant waves, perfect for a good climb.  Around the waves are statues of turtles, pelicans, and crabs.  
  • Swing Sets
    • The swing sets are in the big playground area, but set farther back from the large play structures.  
      • 4 Baby Swings
      • 4 Big Kid Swings

Concrete Slide

Top of Concrete Slide

Wave Climbing Structure



There is 1 large picnic table at the side of the playground next to the small, red barn.  However, the view of the playground is blocked from this table.  There is a field to the side of the playground.  There are several benches and a wall running through the playground where you can set up your picnic.  


This playground is in Golden Gate Park, so there are many beautiful areas to walk.  There is a path that leads around the playground.



The playground was very clean.



I was going to visit the restrooms.  However, there was a sign outside that said that the restrooms were painted with lead paint and that you should not touch the walls.  I decided not to take my daughter in there.  



There was a water fountain on a pole outside of the carousel, which is next to the playground.


Street parking can be difficult, especially on the weekends.  


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  • Adults must be accompanied by a child
  • No dogs
  • Smoking prohibited
  • Feeding of birds or animals prohibited
  • No alcohol or glass containers
  • No riding of skateboards, scooters, bikes, or rollerblades
  • Littering prohibited
  • Keep sand out of water features/fountain
  • This park is a drug free zone