Dennis the Menace Park


A trip to Monterey isn't complete without a visit to the Dennis the Menace Playground.  This playground is large and has a lot of unique, fun equipment.  It can be very crowded on the weekends, so during the week is the best time to visit if possible.  The park is free, but it is closed on Tuesdays.  The park is located about 5 minutes from Cannery Row and is part of the El Estero Park which also has a lot of fun activities.

HOURS --  Open daily 10 a.m. to dusk, Closed on non-holiday Tues., Sept. - May. 

ADDRESS -- Located on Pearl Street, Monterey, CA


(5 out of 5 stars)

September 2010

Dennis the Menace Park


  • Steam Engine Locomotive
    • Though they highly discourage climbing on it, there are stairs so that you can go inside it.  
  • Moon Bridge
    • Above the roller slide is the moon bridge.  It is a series of stairs that forms a high bridge.
  • Roller Slide
    • Best slide ever!  Yes, it's slightly painful for us older folks, but I still enjoy it!  On the weekends, you often have to wait in line to take a turn on this slide.
  • Suspension Bridge
    • The bridge is long and moves quite a bit.  It's fun.
  • Labyrinth Maze
    • There is a hedge that forms a maze.  In the middle of the maze is a lookout stand so that you can see everybody from high above.
  • Curvy Green Slides
    • These slides have lots of curves and bumps. 
  • Rock Wall
    • There is a nice sized climbing wall (for those of you with good upper body strength).  It's on a rubberized surface.  
  • Concrete Tunnels
    • There is a large hill that has concrete tunnels running through them.  
  • Swing Sets
    • 2 Big Kid Swings 
    • 2 Baby Swings
  • Water Fountain
    • Watch out when you get a drink.  The lion just might try to eat you.

Labyrinth Maze

Overlook for maze

Curvy Green Slides

Rock Wall


Old No. 1285 Locomotive

Moon Bridge

Roller Slide

Suspension Bridge

Concrete Tunnels

Swings at Dennis the Menace Park

Lion Water Fountain


  • One of the playground sets is for children ages 2-5 years.  It is in the shape of a ship.  It is located across from the labyrinth.  This set is great for some pirate play.  
  • Playground Description
    • Stairs
    • 2 Curved Ladders
    • Sand Box
    • Speaking Pole
    • Steering Wheels
    • 2 Plastic Medium Tunnel Slides
  • Playground Construction
    • Plastic & Metal Equipment
    • Located on sand
  • Shade Level
    • None over this playground set 
  • Seating
    • There are 2 benches nearby next to the labyrinth

Dennis the Menace Ship Playground

Dennis the Menace Ship Playground


  • Close to the entrance, behind the bathrooms, there is a fenced playground area.  This set is for children ages 2-5 years, and it is a rather small set.  This area is a much better place to keep your kids confined if you don't want them exploring the whole Dennis the Menace park by themselves.  
  • Playground Description
    • Stairs
    • Straight Ladder
    • Curved Ladder
    • Bridge
    • Steering Wheels
    • Mirror
    • Marble Maze
    • 1 Medium Plastic Twisty Slide
    • 2 Small Plastic Straight Slides
  • Playground Construction
    • Plastic & Metal Equipment
    • Located on a rubberized surface
  • Shade Level
    • None over this playground set 
  • Seating
    • There are 3 benches within the fenced area

Dennis the Menace Fenced Playground

Dennis the Menace Fenced Playground



  • Unfortunately, due to construction in the park, a section of the playground was closed the day visited.  Therefore, I was unable to complete my review and get proper pictures.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get this section up and running soon!  I visited in September 2010.  Hopefully, the construction is short lived, and they will re-open this section soon. 




There really weren't a lot of picnic tables inside the Dennis the Menace Playground.  There was one next to the rock wall.  However, there are several benches scattered throughout.  The playground is also part of the El Estero Park, so there will be plenty of places for picnicking within that park as well.  Watch out for the seagulls though.  They'll jump right on the table and steal your sandwich!  (I know from experience).



There is a small walking path through the park.  I would recommend walking within the El Estero Park.  It's quite lovely, and there is a nice lake to walk around.



This park is well maintained.



The restrooms are located at the front of the playground near the parking lot. They were well maintained.  There was a baby changing station.



The water fountain is located at the front of the park.  It is shaped like a lion, so it looks like you're drinking out of his mouth.


There is a good sized parking lot.  However, on the weekends especially, it can get a little crowded.  I've never had trouble finding parking though.


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  • Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Shoes must be worn at all times
  • Assistance animals only allowed in the park
  • No bike riding, skating, or skate boarding
  • Climbing of trees and/or fences is prohibited
  • Please play on all equipment properly.  Overloading of equipment is prohibited.
  • Place all trash in containers
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed
  • No barbecues -- use outside picnic areas