Ponderosa Park


My daughter and I really enjoyed this playground. This is a rather small park (10 acres), but there is a lot to do. In addition to a large playground, the park has a volleyball and horseshoe setup right next to the playground. There are tennis courts and a baseball diamond. The park is located within a neighborhood and is not close to a very busy street, so there is not much traffic or noise.

PARK HOURS – 6 A.M. to 9 P.M.

ADDRESS -- 811 Henderson AvenueSunnyvale


(4 out of 5 stars)

May 2008

Ponderosa Park


There were 3 different sections of playground equipment in this one area. 

  • The Largest Wooden Structure
    • This structure is best for kids who are experienced climbers.  The toddlers (3 & under) may have a little more difficulty climbing up on some of the platforms, depending on their size.  There were no stairs, only platforms and ladders to climb up.  This was an older wooden structure and is on a sand surface.
    • Playground Equipment
      • Bridge – this bridge has a lot of movement to it
      • Bars -- to pull yourself up & hang from
      • Large Plastic Twisty Slide
      • 2 Large Metal Slides
      • 2 Big Swings
      • Monkey Bars
      • Platforms
      • Balance Beam
      • Sand Box
  • The Small Wooden Structure
    • This structure is made of wood and placed on sand.  There is a medium sized metal slide which a toddler may be willing to try.  There was a large ladder which would probably be difficult for a child under 4.  The platform to get up to the slide was also rather tall, so a child under 3-4 years may have difficulty and will need parental assistance. 
    • Playground Equipment
      • Medium Metal Slide
      • 2 Baby Swings
      • Large Ladder
      • Platform
  • Stagecoach
    • The Stagecoach playground was a cute addition to this park.  It is made of plastic and located on a rubberized surface.  I think that this equipment is best for the younger kids (4 & under).  However, there are 2 grooves in the side of the stage coach for them to use as a ladder.  My 22 month old had difficulty doing this without my assistance.  The slide is safe for them, and my child had a great time on this.  Plus, for the older kids, it allows for some imaginative play. 
  • Riding/Rocking Toys
    • There is a circle of 5 rocking/riding animals for the children.  These 5 toys are facing each other so that the kids can rock together.  This provides for creative and imaginative play.  The toys in the circle are 3 horses, a rooster, and a donkey.  On the outskirts of the playground, you can find more rocking toys – a zebra, rooster, and 2 horses. 
  • Cannons
    • There are 2 cannons for the kids to climb on.   
    • There was no shade directly over the playground.  There are trees surrounding the equipment.  However, be sure to bring the sunscreen.
    • There were 5 benches located around the playground.  Depending on the time of day that you visit the park, these benches may or may not be protected from the sun.  

Ponderosa Slide and Swings


Ponderosa Playground

Ponderosa Stagecoach

Ponderosa Cannon

Ponderosa Bouncing Animals



There were lots of tables around the park.  One of the tables was located right next to the playground.  The others were farther within the park.  Most of the tables were located under trees.  There were also good spots to lay a blanket down on the ground if you prefer to sit on the grass. 


This is a rather small park, but there are walkways through it.  There is a really nice neighborhood surrounding the park, so you can continue walking from the park through the houses if you so desire. 


This was a really clean park.  I was impressed at its cleanliness.  There was no trash anywhere. 


I was really impressed at the bathrooms.  It smelled really clean, and most parks in my opinion do not.  There was one stall and a baby changing table. 


There are water fountains located in the middle of the park along the walkways. 


The parking lot was rather small, but I have never had a problem finding a place here.  If the lot is full, then you can park along the street in front of a house. 


Volleyball, horseshoes, tennis courts, baseball diamond