Raynor Park



Raynor Park is one of my favorite parks to visit. Nestled inside of a nice, quiet neighborhood, this is a fun park for both the young & older kids. It is a fairly small park (about 7 acres), but there is a lot of playground equipment. There are beautiful & unique trees scattered throughout the walking paths, but there is not much shade over the playground equipment. The park has a dinosaur theme. Dinosaur statues, toys, and pictures are located throughout the park.

PARK HOURS -- 6 A.M. to 9 P.M. 

ADDRESS -- 1565 Quail Avenue, Sunnyvale


(5 out of 5 stars)

May 2008


Raynor Park


  • I love that the park is fenced off so that you can let your small child run free.  The equipment is small enough so that small toddlers and babies can climb up on everything themselves.  This park is good for children 3 & under.  The older kids will enjoy the playground equipment located next to this one.  
    • Playground Equipment
        • 2 Small Slides – side by side and perfect for races
        • Tunnel
        • 2 Baby Swings
        • 2 Dinosaur Rocking Toys
        • Mini Rock Wall
        • Sand box
      • Playground Construction
        • Plastic & Metal Equipment
        • Equipment located on sand
      • Shade Level
        • Bring the sunscreen
        • Lots of trees around the park, but the playgrounds do not have a lot of coverage
      • Seating
        • Plenty of seating for parents.  There is 1 park bench within the fenced area and a large concrete slab to sit on.

    Raynor Toddler Park

    Raynor Toddler Park

    Sand Box



    • The park for the older kids has a huge playground platform to play on.  It is located next to the fenced toddler playground.  There are  2 dinosaur statues and a really large rock that the kids love to climb onto.  The playground equipment here is a little too big for the toddlers.  There are sections where a small child could easily fall off, so watch your child closely if he/she decides to play here.  Also, the slides are very steep, so keep an eye on the younger kids.  The playground equipment is mostly plastic.  The ground is covered with wood shavings, but there is a sand box off to the side.
      • Playground Equipment
        • 2 Big Swings
        • 2 Baby Swings
        • 1 Chair Swing
        • 2 Curvy Slides
        • Rock Wall
        • Bridge
        • Sliding Monkey Bars
        • Twisty Ladder
        • Sand Box
        • Giant Rock
      • Playground Construction
        • Plastic & Metal Equipment
        • Equipment is placed on wood chips
      • Shade Level
        • Bring the sunscreen
        • Lots of trees around the park, but the playgrounds do not have a lot of coverage

    Raynor Big Kids Playground




    There are picnic tables right between the toddler and the big kid’s playgrounds.  However, the best spot to have a picnic would be in the open grassy area.  There are several picnic tables in this area, and there is shade from the trees.  There is also a large grassy field that you can set up your lunch if eating on the ground is more your style. 



    There is a small walking path around this park, but it is not very big.  Don’t come here expecting to get a workout.  However, the park is surrounded by a great neighborhood, and it is a nice place to take an afternoon stroll. 



    This park is well maintained.



    The restrooms are located in the building right next to the toddler park.  They are clean bathrooms. 



    The water fountains are located on the side of the building next to the toddler park.


    Good parking lot.  It is right next to the playgrounds, and there are always available spaces. 


    Baseball diamond


    • Keep your dog on a leash, and clean up after your pet
    • Drive and park your vehicles only in marked parking lots
    • Alcohol may be consumed only with picnics at designated picnic sites
    • No digging is allowed
    • Please keep your park clean for all to enjoy