Serra Park



This is a really nice park. It is a medium sized park (13.2 acres). There are 2 playgrounds here. One of the playgrounds is located towards the back of the park near the baseball fields. The other playground is located closer to Hollenbeck Avenue. My favorite of the two playgrounds is the one shaped like the Riverboat. This park also has tennis courts and a baseball diamond. A man-made creek runs through the park. 

730 The Dalles AvenueSunnyvale


(5 out of 5 stars)

May 2008

Serra Park


There are 2 playgrounds located at opposite ends of this park.

The playground equipment next to Hollenbeck Road has more for a toddler to do than the other playground equipment next to the baseball diamond.  They can easily climb on the Riverboat, play in the water fountains, swing, and play in the sand here.  If your child is under 2 years, then you may need to assist him/her with some of the climbing.

  • Riverboat Playground
    • This playground is located next to Hollenbeck Road.  It is an adorable set of equipment.  It is modeled after a true Riverboat and allows for very imaginative play.  While there aren’t a lot of activities on the actual boat, I think the children will definitely have fun with it.  It is a two-story boat.  There are cute paintings all over it.  It is made of metal & wood and located on sand. 
    • Playground Equipment
      • Steering Wheel
      • Jail Cell
      • Benches
      • Loading Plank
      • 2 Big Swings
      • 2 Baby Swings
    • Seating
      • There are 7 benches for the parents. 
    • Shade Level
      • There are no trees overhead, but there are a lot of trees surrounding the area.  Depending on the time of day, you may get some shade over the equipment. 
  • Playground (located next to Riverboat)
    • Located next to the Riverboat is a swing set and a traditional metal set of playground equipment with slides and platforms to climb on.  It is located on sand.
    • Playground Equipment
      • 1 Small Slide
      • 1 Baby Swing
      • Sliding Pole
      • Arched Stairs
      • Sand box with a rocking fire truck

  • Water Feature
    • Located next to the Riverboat are several blue poles that squirt out water.  It is on a timer.  Therefore, plan to bring your kid’s swim suits and prepare for them to get wet on a hot day.  Don’t forget your towels!

Serra Park Playground

Serra Park Playground

Water Feature

Swings & Slide


  • Playground Description
    • This playground is located next to the baseball diamond.  There is a lot of climbing required with this playground. It may be difficult for kids 2 & under as some of the platforms are kind of tall.  They will need parental assistance.
    • Playground Equipment
      • 1 Plastic Twisty Slide
      • 1 Textured Metal Slide
      • Swinging Rings
      • Monkey Bars
      • Sand Box
      • Ladders
      • Wooden Platforms
    • Playground Construction
      • This equipment is located on sand.
    • Seating
      • There are 2 benches.  One of these benches is under some trees.
    • Shade Level
      • There is no shade over the playground.  There are trees to the side.

Serra Park Playground



There are lots of tables and BBQ grills located throughout the park.  They are located under the trees and next to the creek.  There is also a large field perfect for a picnic.



The walking path is nice.  It goes through the park, along the creek, and it leads to a nice neighborhood.  I walked this neighborhood and really enjoyed it. 



This is a very clean park.  The grass was nicely cut as well. 



The bathrooms were clean.  They were located next to the Riverboat.  There were 2 stalls. 



The water fountains were located along the walking paths. 



There was plenty of parking.  It is next to the tennis courts.  It is not right next to the playground, but fairly close.  There is also parking next to the baseball field.


Baseball Diamond, Tennis Courts